Earth Day Celebration at SPSKE 2020-21

*The ultimate test of man’s conscience is in his willingness to do something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard* ~ Gaylord Nelson – Founder of Earth Day

*Earth Day* celebrated its 50th Anniversary on 22 April 2020, with a hope to save earth for future generations by adopting several environment friendly habits.
On this day numerous events and campaigns are organised throughout the globe every year on different themes. However, under the ongoing situation of great pandemic like COVID-19, this year SPSKE has made efforts to include people in the drive of green earth from their homes.

Our youngest saviors of earth from pre-primary wore green clothes and planted trees along with making paper caps. Students of class I and II prepared paper bags and understood the importance of recycle and reuse along with a PPT. They also discussed the importance of Earth Day with their teachers during online class.

As responsible citizens of earth it is our duty to protect our environment, its creatures and their habitats. with a hope to make this world worth living *SPSKE* requests all the readers to adopt sustainanble living, staying indoors and taking care of plants and trees.


Date: 23-Apr-2020