Chairman's Message

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Sudhir Kumar Agrawal
Chairman, Sagar Group

Research into the human brain shows that the period from the birth to the age of eight is a critical phase for brain development, and therefore the best time for learning. The influence of external environment is crucial to brain development.

If a safe and accepting environment with abundant sensory stimulation is available in early childhood, the child will have positive brain development. According to the theory of multiple intelligences. there are many aspects of human intelligence, and every individual has varied strengths.

Family, school and society mainly influence the early learner's learning and development. Hence it is our moral responsibility to provide positive and conducive environment. This will help in physical, spiritual, creative, intellectual and emotional development of a child, I am confident that all the stakeholders will realize the need and help us in the development of a whole child.

In the three years since its inception, the school has treaded the steps of success day by day with the day boarding concept being proved as highly fruitful in developing the skill hidden in each and every child through special skill enrichment classes. The various learning workshops and educational tours are giving a lot of exposure not only to the students but the teachers as well.