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Annual Sports Day

December 23, 2023

Strive for excellence, play with passion, and let the spirit of sportsmanship illuminate the path to victory.” In a vibrant display of enthusiasm and sportsmanship, Sagar Public School Katara Extension hosted its Annual Sports Day on December 23, for the academic year 2023-24. The event, held on the school's sprawling campus, brought together students, teachers and esteemed guest to celebrate the spirit of athletics and teamwork. The chief guest, Dr. Rajesh Tripathi, Principal of VNS College of Physical Education and Management Studies, Bhopal, and Chairman of the All India Council of Physical Education, offered valuable insights and declared the sports meet officially open. His words motivated and inspired the participants. The torch run, symbolizing the flame of sports, involved students passing the torch through various positions, representing the strength and unity of SPSKE. The event showcased mass drill, yoga, and self-defence displays, highlighting the students' physical and mental prowess. The triathlon, a thrilling amalgamation of three races, marked a pulse-racing event, showcasing the athletic skill of students. Position holders and achievers were felicitated, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. Best Athlete Junior Boys & Girls Suryansh Meena VC Nysa Patil VC Senior-Boys & Girls Hardik Badole VIII Nivedita Rao VII Sports person of the year Siddhant Singh Solanki XI Akshaini Sarkar XI Tagore House emerged as the champion of this year's Sports Day. Madam Principal officially declared the closure of the Annual Sports Meet. The sports flag was retrieved, symbolizing the end of the event. The Annual Sports Day at SPSKE proved to be a triumphant event, cultivating an atmosphere of friendly competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship among the students.