Recent Events

Pre-Primary Annual Function

October 21, 2023

" Embracing the beauty of tradition, we come together for our annual function, where memories are made, talents shine, and dreams take flight." The Sagar Public School, Katara Extension, Bhopal, celebrated its third Annual Cultural Function, titled " Resplendence," with great enthusiasm and vigor on the 21st of October, 2023. The program was a grand success, with various performances that captivated the audience, leaving them with a lasting impression of the cultural diversity and traditions of India. The event commenced with the traditional lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. The welcome song by the students of KG-II set the stage for a day filled with music, dance, and vibrant performances. The highlight of the event was a skit that beautifully portrayed India's cultural tapestry, showcasing its unity in diversity. The skit conveyed the values of family, respect for elders, and the importance of community in Indian culture. Ms. Prachi Varma, the school's principal, presented the annual report, highlighting the significance of education and the transformative journey of the school. The chief guest, Dr. Madhu Chanchlani, Director of Ophthalmology in Sagar Multispeciality Bhopal, added a touch of grace and wisdom to the event with her speech. Her achievements and dedication to her profession served as an inspiration to all present. The event featured various dance performances representing different states and countries of the world such as Kashmiri, Spanish, Mexican, Oriya, Egyptian, Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, and Kerala The program concluded with a heartwarming vote of thanks by Ms. Arpita Karmalkar, the headmistress of the pre-primary section, expressing gratitude to all the guests, parents, teachers, and students who made the event a grand success. The annual function " Resplendence " not only showcased the rich cultural heritage of India but also left the audience with a deeper understanding of the country's unity in diversity. It was a day filled with celebration, enlightenment, and inspiration.