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PTM I Session 2024-25

April 27, 2024

Building a Strong Parent-Teacher Partnership At Sagar Public School, Katara Extension, we believe that education is a collaborative journey between parents and teachers. Parents Teachers Meeting for Classes Nursery to XII, held on April 27, 2024, showcased this partnership in action. The PTM was well-attended by parents, demonstrating their commitment to their children's education. This event offered a valuable opportunity for parents to gain insights into their children's academic progress, and co-curricular activities and to engage in meaningful discussions with teachers. New Parents received personalized reports detailing their children's performance. This clear and straightforward approach allowed parents to understand their child's academic achievements and to identify any areas needing additional focus. It was an excellent opportunity for parents to ask questions, share concerns, and collaborate with teachers on supporting their children's learning journey. Parents expressed their gratitude for the dedication and hard work of the teachers, acknowledging not only their academic guidance but also their efforts to encourage student participation in various extracurricular activities. The PTM provided a forum for building stronger connections between parents, teachers, and students. This collaboration is vital to ensure a supportive learning environment, where each child's potential is nurtured. By working together, we can create a thriving educational experience for all.